Tuesday, July 28, 2009
This is a translation of a note which someone published yesterday. He claims that he has been in a detention camp in south west of Tehran. Here is his observation:

I am not sure how to begin. Please forgive my typos and grammatical errors because I am in a rush and have to leave soon. It's 12:08 AM July 28, 2009.

Today morning, a few of my friends and I, narrowly escaped from a death camp. I am 21 years old and I was arrested about a month ago. I cannot believe I am free and alive right now. My friend and I were riding a motor bike and filming the street rallies using a cell phone when we got stopped and beaten by Basij militias. A woman tried to save us but she received her share of beatings as well. They pushed us into a van which was full of young people like ourselves, all beaten and bruised. After a while, the van took us to a police station, but we were kind of semi conscious that we did not realized where we were. They lined up every one next to a wall and a big guy counted and picked the even numbers and made two groups. That's when I lost contact with my friend and to this moment, I don't know what has happened to him.

They took my group to a camp called Kahrizak. You won't believe that there were over 200 people in single room, all beaten, bruised and wounded. Moaning and groaning could be heard from every corner. "What are they going to do with us? They might send us to a court or prison or something. I am pretty sure that could be better than this." I whispered to myself. There were no room to sit. All the walls were stained with blood.

I was thinking about my friend when I heard some guys crying. Apparently someone died as a result of excessive bleeding. Though, no one could move whereas we were all stuffed into a small room. At that moment, the guards came into the room and broke all the light bulbs and in the absolute darkness started to beat us with batons. They beat anyone who was the closest to them. They beat us for about half an hour and some people went into coma or maybe died.

Later they came back and lighted some flashlights into our faces and said "If you make noises, we will stick these batons up your asses." I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Maybe it was a nightmare. A guy called Suddeque, who apparently was their boss, took the body of a dead or unconscious man and leaned him against the wall and lighted his face with the flashlight. "We have been ordered to kill you all. You must be lucky not to die like this son of a bitch. Until the morning, if you die, you die and if you don't . . ." He said calmly. "You are blasphemists. Do you know what does that mean?" He added. Then he grasped into the hair of a teen-aged boy and asked him "Tell them what does that mean". "I don't know" the boy replied. "Oh yeah you damn do. Tell them, tell them what it means." he said while he was beating the boy. They boy went unconscious after a while. "It means devil, it means wrong doing. That's what it means." He shouted.

We lost 4 more guys in the next few hours. "You got no tooth brush, no toilets, no nothing here. Do whatever you want to do right here. Do you freaking understand?" He shouted again. Everyone there was suffering in some way. Broken hand or leg, swollen eyes, bruised body, open wounds but because of absolute darkness, we couldn't see anything. Later on, they gave us with some dry bread which we gobbled eagerly. After a few days, they released us because of the space problem they had. They had no room for more people, so they released some. I called my family using a stranger's cell phone and they picked me up on the street.

Here are the names of some people who died in there:

Hassan Shaouri (Student)
Reza Fatahi (Student)
Milad (No family name) The one who took him out first night.
Morteza Salah-shour
Morad Aquasi
Mohsen Entezami.

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